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Experience the Thrill of Playing Clash of Gods Game on Sky Betting ID

Explore the Symbols on Clash of Gods Slot Online

There are around 243 ways to win in the Clash of Gods slot online that has around 10 regular icons. When three similar symbols land on the same position, it is advisable to opt for the reel. There are a lot of slot machines out there ranging from high, mid and low ranks. 

Clash of Gods slot online has a higher volatility, but has a Return to player percentage of 96.50%. The central theme of Clash of Gods online deals with various aspects like History and Legends, Mythology, Religion, Holidays and Gods. The game is packed with exclusive features such as Mystery Respins, Mystery Symbols and Clash of Gods Free Spins that will keep you hooked to the game. 

The mystery symbols appear on reels 1, 2 and 3 forming the base of the game which can eventually lead to trigger Mystery Respins feature. If all the Mystery symbols land in the same place of the reels, you will be awarded with one free Respin.

Tips on How to Play Clash of Gods Game

As you go around exploring the Clash of Gods game on Sky Betting ID, you will explore a wide range of features. Based on history and adventure, enjoying the bonuses and features from Sky Betting ID can play an important role in increasing your chances of winning.

When you’re playing a Clash of Gods game for real money, it is important that you learn how to place the bets. You can get coin denominations which can be set by different values by increasing or decreasing which can have an impact on your overall bet per spin value. At Sky Betting ID, we also offer the autoplay feature that you can use once you get bored.

Get the Best Payouts from Clash of Gods Game Online on Sky Betting ID

With a high RTP, you can get higher payouts from the Clash of Gods game online available on Sky Betting ID. The higher payouts for Gods like Hades and Athena offer rewards of up to 3x and 4x, respectively. On the other hand, Gods like Artemis and Leto offer upto 1.5x returns, whereas for Hephaestus, the return is around 2x higher than the current wage. 

Sign up on Sky Betting ID to play Clash of Gods game online to get the welcome bonus. Utilize these to win greater rewards.

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