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Pawprints of Purrsia Betting Game Now Available on Sky Betting ID

Experience Exclusive Pawprints of Purrsia Game On Sky Betting ID

Sounding very similar to Prince of Persia, the Pawprints of Purrsia is one of the most aesthetic and kawaii (cute) games you can indulge in. If you’re tired of playing those feature-laden and aggressive slot games, Pawprints of Purrsia betting game can be a good break from it. Set up against a light-colored backdrop and beautiful imagery, you may want to try this game when you’re not in the mood for something heavy. 

Pawprints of Purrsia game on Sky Betting ID is a slot game developed by Kalamba games. The game is of 5 reels and 3 rows featuring around 40 betlines. You can sign up on Sky Betting ID to play the game. It is available in two modes- demo and paid that you can enjoy as per your convenience. One of the best parts about the game is that you can explore the features, and adjust your bets while gaming so as to secure maximum benefits.

Pawprints of Purrsia Game Online Play Has Beautiful Aesthetics

The visual element of Pawprints of Purrsia game online play is quite aesthetic and beautiful. It will keep you hooked to the game for a long time. You can enjoy the backdrop of the game significantly, but always be mindful about Wheel of Dreams. Once this bonus is triggered, you will get the benefits across the multiplier wilds in the base of the game as well. 

When you indulge in Pawprints of Purrsia game online play, you will get a hit frequency of up to 17.48%. However, it can get stumbled upon or triggered with every frequency, so be pretty much careful while with the game. Unlike most of the slot games, this game has a slightly low hit rate with high volatility.

Enjoy Pawprints of Purrsia Game Online on Sky Betting ID

The game stands true to its name as the symbols in Pawprints of Purrsia game online are that of Persian cats. This Persian cat themed game has a high RTP of 96.73%. This online game also offers free spin bonuses with sticky multiplier frames. 

The minimum amount that you can bet on the game is around €0.10, whereas the maximum is €50. On an average, the jackpot prize size for the game winnings on Sky Betting ID will be around 2883x of the total bet amount.

Win Free Spins and Bonuses on Best Pawprints of Purrsia Games

When you play the best Pawprints of Purrsia games, you will be eligible for free spins and bonuses. You can activate the bonus only when you land three bonus symbols together within the same spin. This win triggers the Wheel of Dreams feature from which you can pick up extra bonuses like 25x cash rewards and free spins.

Join Sky Betting ID for Best Pawprints of Purrsia Games Online

If you’re looking forward to the best Pawprints of Purrsia games online, you can sign up on Sky Betting ID. At Sky Betting ID, we offer welcome bonuses for our first time players. You can sign up and access these benefits and start playing the Pawprints of Purrsia betting game and hit the jackpot. Join Sky Betting ID now for more!

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